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Essential Oils in Massage Therapy


Essential oils are extremely versitile and can aid in any massage treatment. At Massage off Central, we use them in two primary ways:

  • Raindrop Therapy is one of our most popular and unique massage treatments. In this technique, your therapist will apply a unique blend of 11 therapeutic essential oils and massage oils to the spine, neck and feet. By using specific oils on these specific areas, raindrop therapy brings balance, alignment and harmony to the body. This massage lasts for one hour -- but the benefits last long afterwards.

  • Aromatherapy. Every massage treatment that we offer at Massage off Central can be enhanced with essential oils. We use Young Living Lavender essential oils to help promote relaxation and aid in stress. We will add this upon request for no additional charge


The therapists at Massage off Central are all trained in the use of essential oils. We're happy to discuss your concerns and help you to select the essential oils that might be right for you!